Food & Lodging

Dining hall table

It’s not just a cafeteria….it’s a full dining experience!

Teachers and students are amazed at the incredible beauty of Bunting Dining Hall.  With its perfect location overlooking Cedar Lake, there is no better place to eat after a busy day of activities.  Everyone loves the family dining experience at camp, where staff, teachers and kids share stories about the fun day they are having while enjoying their meal. 

Kids rate Hazen’s food better than school!

The menu at Camp Hazen will surprise you with its variety and quality.  Meals are carefully prepared to ensure that healthy and nutritious options are enjoyed by everyone.  A breakfast bar that includes fresh cut fruits, granola, cereals and yogurts is a great alternative to the delicious cooked entrée.  And the lunch and dinner salad bar is the perfect addition to your main meals.

Our food service staff will ensure that all dietary needs are taken care of.  He is an expert at catering to vegetarians and food allergies, and will work with parents, school nurses and teachers to make sure that your retreat is a great experience for all.