Staff and Alumni


Remember our past and build our future.

There are so many things about Camp Hazen that remain with you forever. The friendships, the noise in the Dining Hall, the hikes out to Doubles, candle lighting in the chapel and the sunsets over the lake during campfire. Camp has an everlasting place in the hearts of all of our staff and campers who have been by the pines.

Since 1920, Camp Hazen has been making memories and creating lifelong friendships for thousands of people every summer. Joining our staff is the perfect way for you to also be part of the magic of Hazen. We would be honored to find out more about you.

As alumni, we want to make sure that you too can stay connected to Camp Hazen. This place is special to you and there are lots of opportunities for you to ensure that it continues to do for kids what it did for you.