First Time Campers


Should You Send Your Child To Camp Hazen YMCA?

Yes, definitely!  Why?  Because kids return from camp more confident and inspired to try new things, be better friends and take pride in what they do.

As a result of being with counselors who are such positive role models, your camper will better understand what is right, what is wrong and be able to cope with school and life situations.

The Camp Hazen Experience encourages kids to be themselves, live with integrity and achieve their full potential.

Cabin Life Is Fun

Each cabin group is a family with eight campers and two counselors who ensure that all are respected and involved.  Counselors guide campers through cabin clean-up and decision –making regarding activities.  Evenings are spent with the cabin group, or village of cabins, in a variety of exciting games, campfires and all-camp events.

At the end of each day, campers enjoy one of the great traditions of Hazen; a counselor-led “cabin chat” that covers daily reflections, personal values and future dreams.

Hazen’s Five Villages Give Campers A Sense Of Belonging.

Junianta younger boys entering grades 3-7
Sachem older boys entering grades 8-9
Mosakwa younger girls entering grades 3-7
Tamarack older girls entering grades 8-9
Onandaga teen boys & girls entering 10th grade (2 Week Sessions only)

Campers may request having a friend in their cabin when they register.  Request must be mutual and of the same grade.  As returning campers know how easy it is to make friends with kids in other cabins, we do give preference to request from first time campers.

Daily Schedule

7.00am Sunrise Club (optional morning activity)
7.30am Reveille
8.00am Flag Raising Ceremony (Med Call)
8.15am Breakfast
9.00am Cabin Clean-up
9.20am Skills Activity Class #1
10.25am Skills Activity Class #2
11.30am Skills Activity Class #3
12.45pm Lunch
1.30pm Siesta
2.30pm Skills Activity Class #4
3.35pm Skills Activity Class #5
4.40pm Beach Party (Health Lodge Drop In)
5.45pm BHarambe - Village Meeting
6.00pm Dinner
6.45am Flag Lowering Ceremony (Med Call)
7.00pm Evening Activity
8.30pm Showers & getting ready for bed
9.00pm Cabin Chat
9.30pm Lights out (younger campers)
10.00pm Lights out (older campers)

Do Campers Miss Home?

Missing home when at camp is normal for all kids. Camp is a safe place, and getting over homesickness is an important part of the camp experience.  It helps campers build their self-esteem and develop a sense of independence.  Our caring staff help campers understand it is possible to feel two different things at once, and that it is ok to miss home while enjoying all the fun new activities they are trying and friends they are making. 

The staff will work with each individual child throughout their stay at camp and will keep you informed of any concerns that they have about the overall health & wellbeing of your child.

Health Care at Camp

There is a Registered Nurse in the camp Health Lodge at all times throughout the summer. All of our healthcare staff provide care for campers under orders from the camp physician.  In case of emergencies, campers and staff are taken to the camp physician or the local emergency treatment facility. Parents will always be contacted should there be an urgent medical concern.

Safety at Camp

Safety is always a top priority at Camp Hazen YMCA. We work tirelessly to provide the safest programs, facilities and staff that we possibly can.  We have a long history of running an extraordinarily safe camp, and we will continue to do so this summer.

Behavior at Camp

As a close-knit community, Camp Hazen expects each camper to respect themselves and others at camp, as well as the staff and facilities.  Everyone in the Hazen community, including campers and staff, are expected to behave responsibly and appropriately at all times.

The staff will work with individual campers to modify inappropriate behaviors and will notify parents when necessary.  The Camp Director may choose to dismiss a camper if inappropriate behavior does not improve.

Behaviors that may result in discipline or dismissal from camp include, but are not limited to: bullying, bad language, threats or fighting and possession of tobacco, drugs or alcohol.

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