Getting Ready for Camp


Getting ready for Day Camp

For campers who are also coming to Day Camp, take a look at the Day Camp page to find out more information about your program.

Dates to remember

We ask that families submit their child’s health form, physical form, and final payments by May 1st. At the same time, it is great to set up your camper’s store account. The camp store stocks Hazen clothing, gifts, and souvenirs as well as stamps, batteries, and stationary. We recommend $75 for a session.

Packing Your Bags

Helping your child pack their bags for camp adds to the excitement of their stay with us. Take a look at the list of what to bring and help your camper pack their bags so that you know that they’ll have everything that they need.  Remember that we don’t have a laundry service for campers.

Coming to a two-week session?

During a two-week session, campers will be placed on a team during an All Camp Event. For returning campers, you will be on the same team as you were in previous years. For first time campers, you will be placed on a team when you arrive. It’s a good idea for first time campers to pack some items of clothing that they can wear to support their teams.  Colored clothing can also be purchased at the camp store.

Session A: Hazen Series

Team Colors: Pirates – Red & White       Thunderbirds – Blue & Black

Session B: Hazen Bowl

All campers need to bring a plain white t-shirt. 
Team Colors: Spirit – Blue & Yellow       Mind – Green & White       Body – Black & Red

Session C: The Olympics

Team Colors: Green, Yellow, Blue, & Red

Session D: World Cup

All campers need to bring a plain white t-shirt.
Team Colors: Jupiter – Orange     Mars – Red     Saturn – Yellow     Mercury – Purple     Neptune – Blue     Venus – Green

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in on the first day of your session is from 2-3pm. When you arrive, you will be directed to park and our staff will help you unload your luggage to transport to your child’s village. Be sure to keep out a pillow, bathing suit, and towel before you leave home, as you'll carry these to your new cabin yourself. Once you have been through the registration area, you will be directed to meet your Village Director who will give you your cabin assignment.  Campers and families can then meet the cabin counselors, unpack, and say goodbye!

Check-out day is the last Friday of your session and is from 6.30-7.30pm. Once again parents will be directed to park and our staff will help you load up the luggage. Parents will need their photo ID to sign their camper out before heading to their cabin and reuniting!

Cabin assignments and requesting a cabin mate

Cabin assignments are typically completed in the few days before each session.  We work hard to try to create a cabin with a mix of new and returning campers and with kids from different towns.  Campers can select the type of cabin they would like to be placed in - Girls+, Boys+ or an All Gender cabin. Campers may also request to be in a cabin with one other friend of the same grade, and their friend must also request the same.  We work hard to create an experience that creates an inclusive environment, so we are unable to put three or more friends together.  Request can be made in your CampInTouch.  As returning campers know how easy it is to make friends outside their cabin, we do give first time campers preference when it comes to cabin mate requests.

Sending mail to your camper

Campers love getting mail while they are at camp and it is important that parents send a letter to their child at least once each week. Mail is delivered every day after lunch and kids love hearing their name called by whoever is delivery mail that day. Parents may also send care packages to camp, however we do ask that no food or beverage products are included in any mail that campers receive. Parents can also use the email service to easily send mail to their camper, you can do this through your CampInTouch account.

Contacting camp while your child is here

On check-in day you will meet your camper’s Village Director. If you want to touch base and see how things are going, or if you need to pass a message on to your camper, the Village Director is the best person to call. You can reach them by calling our office at (860) 526-9529. Coming to camp and ‘unplugging’ is awesome for kids. Campers must leave their cell phones at home. Any cells phones that are discovered at camp will remain safely in the office until check-out day.

Homesickness at camp

Missing home is a natural feeling and our counselors and staff are here to help. Camp is a safe place, and getting over homesickness is an important part of the camp experience. It helps campers build their self-esteem and develop a sense of independence. Our caring staff help campers understand it is possible to feel two different things at once, and that it is okay to miss home while enjoying all the fun new activities they are trying and friends they are making. 

The staff will work with each individual child throughout their stay at camp and will keep you informed of any concerns that they have about the overall health of your child.